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West Windsor Twp, Princeton, North, Central and South New Jersey

What We Do

NJ Renewable Energy was founded in 2003. Located In Princeton Junction NJ, we install Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Electric Car Charging Stations all across the Tri-state area. We are cost competitive with anyone in the business, but we believe our strongest trait is Honesty, Reliability and Trustworthiness. We work from the bricks to the sticks, New York City to a farmhouse in the country. No job is too small or too big. Roof mounted solar or a ground mount array. Micro-inverter technology or string inverters. We only use tier 1 equipment. 5 Kilowatts to 5 Megawatts.

Our solar arrays typically have a 3 year return on investment.

Call us today, start saving money and never have utility bills again.