Operation Free: National Security / Self Reliance

Operation Free is a coalition of veterans and national security organizations that recognize climate change and energy dependency pose serious threats to US national security. We believe it is our duty to protect America by advocating for clean, domestic energy production.

America’s billion-dollar-a-day dependence on oil from hostile nations directly funds our most dangerous enemies, putting guns and bullets into the hands of our enemies. The Department of Defense has also stated that climate change poses a threat as well, destabilizing weak and failed states – the breeding grounds and safe havens for terrorist organizations like al Qaeda and the Taliban. With new, clean sources of energy to power our economy and fuel our military, we will no longer be forced to pay and protect regimes that support terrorism.

America’s national security leaders, including the Pentagon, the State Department, the National Intelligence Council, and the Central Intelligence Agency, are planning for the threats to national security posed by climate change. We believe it is time for our political leaders to join them at the front.

As Veterans, we call on Congress and the administration to enact strong climate and energy legislation and support US efforts to lead the world in a global response.

It is time for America to stand strong on its own – independent and in control of our energy future. Our leaders must face the threat of climate change, seize the opportunity to create the next generation of energy technology, free us from our dependence on fossil fuels, create millions of new jobs, and put America back in control.

“We will pay for this one way or another. We will pay to reduce greenhouse gas emissions today…or we will pay the price later in military terms. And that will involve human lives.” – General Anthony Zinni, Former Commander-in-Chief U.S. Central Command


Clean cars mean American security

Every day, we send $1 billion overseas for oil. A dangerous amount of that money is funneled to terrorists and unfriendly nations who attack our troops.

That is why Operation Free supports the strong 2025 fuel economy target set by the Obama Administration. This 54.5 mile per gallon target will keep trillions of dollars in the economy and out of the hands of America’s enemies.

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Oil funds our enemies — but that’s not the only reason we need to use less. The Department of Defense, CIA, and State Department all recognize climate change as a threat to our security, because it causes droughts, floods, and famine around the world. These climate events impact military operations, threatening our bases with both catastrophes and instability. Reducing our emissions takes on these threats, and a strong, 54.5 mile-per-gallon standard would cut 535 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Operation Free is leading the fight for clean cars.

The veterans of Operation Free recognize how important it is to let people know about the dangerous ways our oil use leaves us less safe. That’s why we are spreading the word at events around the country, from street corners to state houses. We have been featured on television and the radio, and have sent out educational mail (see our most recent mail piece here).

We’ve even worked with NASCAR to talk to race fans about ending our oil addiction: